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Circle Of Mothers Retreat

May 18 - 20, 2018




Circle Of Mothers

Ms. Sybrina Fulton established the Circle of Mothers as a way to empower women who have experienced the loss of a child, especially due to gun violence.  The Circle is supported by a network of individuals and companies with a unified vision of a world free of senseless killings.  Members of this national network have dedicated their time and resources in assisting affected mothers reconcile, heal, empower, and fellowship toward personal restoration and ultimately community building.

Empowering Mother's of Gun Violence Victims


  • Local chapters comprised of Support Mothers, who are charged with organizing interventions for affected mothers and their families.


  • Providing financial, emotional and technical assistance to families affected by senseless gun violence through the Trayvon Martin Foundation’s Memorial Fund.


  • Implementing strategic events and activities designed to reinforce healing, restoration, and support for affected mothers and their families across the United States. 


  • Hosting an annual Circle of Mothers Restoration Weekend and National Conference to assist mothers in facilitating the healing process resulting in improved self-managing and coping skills.