FEBRUARY 11, 2018


TMF_Memorial Celebration Invite 2018 WHT.jpg

The Trayvon Martin Remembrance Dinner is an annual event to commemorate the life of Trayvon Martin and to raise public awareness of profiling, the impact of violent crime, senseless violence on the families of the victims and the impact of violence on our communities.

The Remembrance Dinner is also designed to celebrate life, progress and Foundation supporters who want change. The dinner helps to raise funds to build and create education opportunities to inner-city youth. The Foundation provides scholarships, mentoring, financial literacy, S.T.E.M and parenting assistance.

The Foundation needs your support, by attending this great event and building together. It has often been repeated “it takes a village to raise a child” but we’d like to take that one step further by asking you to “Be a part of this Village” to change lives positively.